CatDV Server 6.9 Release Notes

Thank you for downloading CatDV Server 6.9. This is designed for use with a CatDV Workgroup or Enterprise Server license, as well as CatDV Pro 10 or later client licenses. See below for details of licensing requirements.

Copyright Notices

CatDV Server is copyright Square Box Systems Ltd.

This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation (

IMPORTANT: You may install and use this software only in accordance with the terms of the enclosed software license agreement.


As well as these release notes there are two PDF user manuals enclosed, one covering general operation of the CatDV Server and Control Panel, while the second one covers use of the Web Client.

Main changes

In addition to the embedded database engine and embedded Tomcat web server added in Server 6.8, Server 6.9 features a number of major improvements to the web interface:

Licensing Requirements

To use Server 6.8 or 6.9 you need a Workgroup or Enterpriser Server license issued after April 2012, i.e. a CatDV 10 or later client license. To use the new 6.9 web client you need a Web Client license issued after September 2013 or be under a current software maintenance agreement. To deploy server plugins and remove the "uncertified plugin" warning message you may need a separate developer licenses, contact us for details.

Windows Installation


Double click the CatDVServer6.9xx.exe installer and follow the on-screen instructions. The Server Control Panel will launch on completion of installation and you can enter your license code, select the database engine, and configure the web interface. You can also access the Control Panel at any time via the Start menu.

Mac OS X Installation


Open the CatDVServer6.9xx.dmg file then double click the "Install CatDV Server.mkpg" installer and follow the on-screen instructions. The Server Control Panel will launch on completion of installation and you can enter your license code, select the database engine, and configure the web interface. You can also access the Control Panel at any time via the Start menu.

Linux Installation

The CatDV Server should run under most versions of Linux and Unix, though because of the large number of variants support is not officially guaranteed and you may need to edit some scripts or configuration files by hand. After unpacking the file you will see a READ ME FIRST.txt file and a basic installation script. Follow the instructions provided. By default the CatDV Server is installed in /usr/local/catdvServer.

Choice of database engine

By default, for new installations CatDV Server uses the built-in Java H2 database. Using the Setup Wizard in the Control Panel you can select any of the following database engines to better fit in with your existing infrastructure (for example, if you have a corporate Oracle or SQL Server license). When you select your desired database engine the setup wizard will offer to create a blank CatDV database if one does not already exist. If necessary, you can use the Migrate Database command in the Tools menu to import data from another existing database into the current database.

Version History

6.9.4 (10 Oct 2014)
Retry failed db operations. Web changes. Fix related to data migration task. Update version of mariadb driver. Fix empty recycle bin command in control panel.
6.9.3 (5 Sept 2014)
Upgrade embedded H2 database to 1.3.174. Performance improvements when adding new clips to a catalog and opening a clip list. Various REST query fixes. Data migration tool displays progress bar. Add support for bulk update of fields via web client. Allow cross-domain REST API calls. Improved permissions checking in web client. Better error reporting if server fails to start. Other minor fixes.
6.9.2 (2 June 2014)
REST API changes to allow updates of multiple clips. Fix error that is sometimes displayed when first installing CatDV database. Create a log file for the control panel. Web client defaults to HTML5 video if QuickTime plugin is unavailable.
6.9.1 (14 May 2014)
Fix "unknown attributeId" error when viewing certain smart folders. Fix certain web searches including Unicode characters. LDAP fix related to recursive group memberships. Allow http url for webclient.logo. Allow time expiring links.
6.9.0 (3 Apr 2014)
First public release. Fix issue with Unicode characters in file paths and in log file.
6.9b10 (26 Mar 2014)
Release candidate, including new Web Client pdf manual. Update the server plugin API to v2. Minor fixes to control panel and REST API.
6.9b9 (3 Mar 2014)
Add installer script for Linux. Fix an issue with the approval sample app. Fix issue where web client could sometimes use too many sessions.
6.9b8 (15 Feb 2014)
Web client fixes (prevent editing of locked fields, fix issue that stopped sample apps from working, list view should take into account selected date format). REST API fixes (allow update of media file path).
6.9b7 (4 Feb 2014)
Web Client fixes and improvements (don't allow editing of clips if not logged on, update status history when making changes via web and display full history, fix viewing of stills, reduce size of server log, new 'huge' thumbnail view, improved error handling, fixes related to sequence editing, etc.). Fix performance issue when running with recent versions of MS SQL Server. Other minor fixes.
6.9b6 (20 Jan 2014)
Web Client and REST API fixes (related to underlying type field, handling of metaclips, searches on user fields index was out by one, logo/header panel, user defined fields, webclient.searchFields config uses NM1 not etc). Control panel fixes (fix data migration from H2 to SQL Server and include drivers on Mac).
6.9b5 (26 Nov 2013)
Web Client and REST API changes, including support for deleting clips, clicking on still images display them in a separate window, improved caching, and fixes to the thumbnail grid view. Minor improvements to control panel data migration and schema update tools. Update schema to 3.26 to support new clip types.
6.9b4 (8 Nov 2013)
Web Client and REST API changes, including FCP7 XML export, handling of proxy or alternative media paths, support for multiple tracks in sequences, plus LDAP root DN support.
6.9b3 (25 Oct 2013)
Web client now supports sequence editing, sorting of clips by clicking on a column header, and upload of multiple files. Updated sample web apps include clip basket functionality. Other fixes to REST API etc.
6.9a2 (9 Oct 2013)
Fix the REST API and Web Client to support anonymous access and allow editing of smart folders. Include changes from server 6.8.1. Include new server 6.9 release notes.
6.9a1 (24 Sep 2013)
Second alpha release
6.9a0 (11 Sep 2013)
Internal alpha release of new 6.9 server version.
6.8.2 (21 Nov 2013)
Update schema to 3.26 (add ‘part analysed’ clip type). Improved handling of certain database URLs. Allow apostrophe’s in catalog names.
6.8.1 (25 Sep 2013)
Update schema to 3.25. Smart folders can now be shared or tied to a particular user, and queries for owner equal to ‘#’ match current logged in user. Fix REST API and web client so they return clips in same order and with same thumbnail. Other REST API fixes. LDAP enhancements.
6.8.0 (30 Jul 2013)
Public release. Minor REST API fix. Simple web client now uses custom logo and title that might be set up for the main web client.

Contacting Us

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When submitting problem reports please help us to help you by providing enough details to clearly describe the issue, including a copy of the CatDV Error Log file (available from the Help menu) and a screenshot or copy of the catalog or XML file you were working with, as appropriate.

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